Environment Act

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The Environment Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

Environment Act This act aims to increase public awareness of the issues concerning the environment and also aims to replace all polluting and unsafe energy resources within 20 years.

This will be broken down as follows:

1) The governments of all memberstates will be obliged to make their citizens aware of the issues concerning the environment through a mixture of:

a) TV and radio broadcasts B) Inside the education system as part of the geography syllabus.

2) Over the first five years we will aim to reduce the amounts of fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources by 25% and the WWSETI regional government will provide aid to those nations which are incapable of raising adequate funds for aforesaid developments.

3) Other the 12 following years, the WWSETI region will aim to reduce it by a further 50% or more if possible.

4) The last 3 years will be devoted to eliminating all remaining resources of unclean or unrenewable energy.

5) Any nations that fail to meet this deadline will be given aid to ensure that they finish the Plan as soon as possible.

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